Friday, May 30, 2008

Animal index

Oh my...This is too cute! Perfect for adding a bit of fun to a boring shelf or desk to help organise your files/books. (via lost)


When you are feeling a little dry and uninspired, what better person on earth to turn to than your kids! Yeondoo Jung, an artist who lives and works in Korea, created these photographs back in 2005 inspired by childrens drawings.

How free and magical! The photograph above will definitely make a good styling shot for a lifestyle magazine or window display. I will definitely try and keep all my kids drawings from now on. (via)

New York City Sky - Colour Study

The images above are taken by Michael Surtees of Designnotes. Michael started noticing that most mornings have a really unique colour to the sky and started taking images of the sky from his apartment in Manhattan. He has also started a group called Same Sky, Different Places where anyone can post a similar sky photo here.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

An Agenda for Moms!

They say running a family as a full time mom is like running a small business. It is not only your own schedule you have to manage but your kiddos as well! Unless you have a personal assistant, these gorgeous planners from MomAgenda may be just what you need right now!

Designed by Nina Restieri, the MomAgenda desktop planner keeps track of 17 months of insanity for you and up to four kids. Plus it includes pages for you to record things like birthdays, medical info, and school stuff. My favourites, which incidentally happen to be the current best sellers, are the Momagenda Desktop in fushia (above) and lime(below).

(Click on image above to enlarge)

Some may be wondering how this diary is different and how it can be used. As the layout above shows, the great thing about this agenda is the special rows they have for your kids. But you don't have to have 4 children to make the most out of this agenda. The additional rows can be used to fill out important "To Do" lists for the day. Plus there is even a last row for you to plan your dinners so that you only have to go grocery shopping once a week!

I will be bringing in the Momagenda's to my baby online store in Singapore and offering the Momagendas for S$65 (+ $7 for personalisation). If you are interested in pre-ordering and personalising your agenda for yourself or a friend, please email me at soon!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Skinny Skinny Soaps

I can't get over these lovely packaging by soap manufacturer skinnyskinny. All their gorgeous packaging is made from 100% recycled, reclaimed, sustainable and biodegradable materials. Would be fun if the packaging cover had some totally unrelated serious title on "Quantum Mechanics" or something like that. Then you open it and voila! Perfect for my toilet bookshelf!

Pattern on concrete

Some gorgeous patterns and textures added to concrete flooring by design studio Transparent House. (via Design Milk)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A real polly pocket workspace

This bookcase cum office design definitely fulfills my childhood fantasies of living/working out of a closet box. A little like how Polly Pocket (below) lives.

To make this yourself, just attach a set of bookcases (on wheels) attached along one side and you get a compact, self-contained office nook when opened. In its closed state, it's far tidier than any tidy desk you can make. You may want to plaster the back of one with wallpaper. A deeper bookcase could be attached at one side that will serve as the desk. Brilliant! (via Martha Stewart Living and Chic & Charming)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Personal Injury Warning System

Designed by Jonathan Corum of 13pt, the Personal Injury Warning System consists of symbols that illustrates all the injury that Jonathan has received in his life to date. Each symbol is indexed by the date that he would have benefitted from such a warning. Do check out his interesting website!I think perhaps this First Aid Talking Kit would come in handy for someone like Jonathan. This kit is separated into individually labeled and color-coded injury packs so the user has all the supplies and easy to follow instructions for managing a specific injury. By the touch of a button, the kit narrates step-by-step instructions to manage the injury, pausing and repeating when necessary for accurate response. (via petit elefant)

They didn't study

A friend sent me a link to this website. Think some of us can identify with the pain and humour in it. Think this would make an excellent silkscreened pillow case?

Inspiring rooms

I am feeling inspired by these gorgeous rooms I found in House Beautiful today. These wonderful rooms share something in amazing abundance of light and a clever use of colour and interesting elements to add visial interest and focus to the rooms.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Colour swatch book

Have you ever felt blown away or suddenly inspired by a colour you see in your everyday surroundings? The colour swatch book by Julie Alexis is an inspiring and beautiful documentation of the colours in NYC. Wish she would do one for every city and come up with a unique colour palette that represents each place! (via swissmiss)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sweatpea and Willow

More exquisite furniture links to share, this time from London-based furniture company, Sweetpea and Willow. Here, you can find the most gorgeous classic French reproduction furniture at relatively affordable prices.

From the look of their new website, they seem to place a huge emphasis on customer support which is always important for online purchase like this when you are spending quite a fair bit without really getting to see and touch the products for yourself. What's more, they ship to almost anywhere in the world! Tempting....very tempting. Do check them out!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Glorious splash of colors

I just love the way colour has been so skillfully applied in this newly renovated traditional 1934 home in Minneapolis. The bold, assertive and uplifting colour palette, consisting of brilliant fuchsia, gold, citron green, and orange, was inspired by the living room’s original stained-glass windows.

A wonderful balance and harmony in the room was maintained by limiting the strong vibrant colours to the window treatments and furniture upholsteries. The rest of the elements such as the ebony-finished wood and white marble floors, simple black ceiling lamps and the stark, white plaster walls remain neutral but dramatic. (via Chic and Charming)
(above) The fuchsia-and-gold horizontal stripes on the living room’s Louis XVI settee is echoed in the treatment of the windows
(above) The shock of pink in this room plays really well with the black iron table and white plaster walls and marble floors.
(above) The sexy lipstick hue of the dining-room chairs that amplifies the fuchsia accents in the living room is framed like a pretty picture by an elegant archway.

(photographs by Susan Gilmore for Traditional Home)

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Paradise

Aptly called The Paradise, this shabby chic pub is located in Kensal Green, London. It consists of a Georgian style bar, dining and study areas. Amazing styling work here. I would love to own every single chair in this place. The quirky room with purple wallpaper upstairs has got to be my favourite room.

Photographs from Light Locations

Lace buttons

Aren't these lace buttons simply gorgeous? They are designed by UK-based textile craft designer Laura Walker. Laura has a special interest in embroidery which she expanded on by designing and making ceramic buttons. Her buttons are available in a range of sizes and colors through GlimseOnline. (via The Style Files)

The French Bedroom Company

When it comes to style, I think the French are probably the ones to beat. If you are looking for some unique furniture to transform your bedroom into a glamourous boudoir, do check out The French Bedroom Company.

Here are some thing currently on my wish(ful)-list...

Provencal ratten screen

Provencal Kidney Bedside

Silk and Satin sheets

Genevieve Mirror

Costes Chandelier

Quirky sweet shop

These are some pics of a quirky sweet shop in Covent Garden. This is the way I always imagined a candy store should look like. The shop can be hired by the hour or closed for a full day for photoshoots. I just love the colours and glass jar displays at the back.
Photographs from Light Locations.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Winners of Julia Staite Greeting Cards Giveaway sponsored by Imagekind

Congratulations to Samm and Charissa for each winning a set of greeting cards with drawings by artist Julia Staite, sponsored by Imagekind.

Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Papyrus armchair

ohh....I just love the warm honey colour (below) of these arm chairs by French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. Named the 'Papyrus', these chairs were designed for Kartell and launched at the Milan 08 furniture fair last month. Made from transparent polycarbonate, the Papyrus armchair is inspired by the linear, well-defined structure of vintage chairs. For more info and pictures, see here.

Taking the 3-in-1 coffee to the next level

Coffee, sugar and spoon in one, this tubular design by designer Hye-Yeon holds both the instant coffee and the sugar/creamer in one neat package. When the contents are poured out, you simply use the package itself as a spoon to stir your brew.