Saturday, March 27, 2010

Truffel Tree

I was really excited when Xin of Truffel Tree contacted me a few weeks ago to tell me about her lovely handmade plushies. I fell in love instantly with the simple aesthetic and whimsical nature of her soft toys. Xin is a Singaporean mom living in the UK and she had bought a beansprout pillow from Pupsik Studio previously.

Ever since I got Alexi last year, I have been searching for suitable friends to join him and the rest if the gang on the shelf. I hence asked Xin if she could make me a toy to be named after my one year old, Nadya. I happily sent her a picture of Nadya as a "design brief" for the soft toy.
Immediately after sending the pic, I wondered if I was asking too much of Xin in sending her the photograph of a human baby and asking her to "make a soft toy out of it". Anyway, to cut a long story short, an envelope arrived from the UK 2 weeks later with a cotton sleeve and I literally squealed in delight when I saw what was inside!
Xin had transformed the picture I sent her of Nadya into a thumb sucking elf in a bear suit. She had also sewn a magnet in the paw of the elf and the mouth so you can actually detach the paw from the mouth. How clever!
The elf, named Plum, came with this note: " Look who's fallen under the truffle tree!...Plum has been a very busy elf, playing hide-and-seek with the big scary bears. Good thing she has her magic flying cape with her - having an imagination can be exhausting".
Plum even has a back pocket that is designed to hold little memories. I am printing a small picture of Nadya in the bear suit and sticking it in the pocket together with Plum's little friend.
And Xin was so sweet to send me another of her beautiful creations called "The Anonymous Rabbit". This gorgeous rabbit is made from soft, plain white calico cotton and firmly stuffed with new polyester filler. It has a simple fine embroidery thread running along the entire edge of the rabbit. I love how simple this rabbit looks with all its thoughtful intricate details and how soft (yet firm) it feels and stands on its own. Xin also embroidered the butt of the rabbit with my daughter's name!
So here is is, the new gang on the shelf! Looks like there is space for at least 2 more friends up there! Thanks Xin for these wonderful creations! xoxo

"Plum" and "The Anonymous Rabbit" are now available on Xin's etsy store, Truffel Tree. Do visit and support her beautiful creations!

ps: Xin and I are working together on a new toy that I hope will be available under The Fair section of Pupsik Studio soon. Stay tuned!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lucky Russian Trolly Ticket Cookies

I love these russian train ticket cookies! Apparently, superstition in Russia has it that when the first three digits of your train ticket added up equal the last three digits, you should eat the ticket for good luck! Art Lebedev Studio has made this more palatable with these lucky cookie tickets. I have a feeling my husband (who grew up in communist Russia) will love to have this.
Designed by Art Lebedev Studio for the Russian Ministry of Transport. (via Yanko Design)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Grass page markers

Some ingenius page markers by Yuruliku Design.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rita Saardi for Peter Copping / Nina Ricci Fall 2011 show

Some gorgeous flower pcs made by Rita Saardi as a premise of beautiful dancers wearing silk dresses for Peter Copping / Nina Ricci. I had blogged about Rita's beautiful work in a previous post here. This talented budding fashion designer (who is definitely going places) was recently invited by the house of Nina Ricci to collaborate with head designer Peter Copping for the Fall 2011 show. You can follow this exciting adventure with her on her blog here. You go girl! x

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Electric piano table

Designed by Georg Bohle, this cool oak dining table neatly conceals an electric piano. Just lift up on the wooden tablet cut into one edge and you are ready to dazzle your dinner guests (via cribcandy).