Saturday, June 30, 2007

Maki Squarepatch

Check out the quirky designs made from recycled materials at Maki Squarepatch . Xin, the goody doozy artist/designer behind Make Squarepatch, loves recreating new things out of old stuff such as taking apart children's dolly dresses, boring looking men's pants, school uniforms, jackets etc...and stitching up new creations out of materials that most people will not think twice about throwing away. Xin draws her inspirations from animals with weird hairstyles, the curvaceous body of their 10kg fat cat picasso, classic cartoons and discarded clothes. Her portfolio can be viewed at She is available for commissioned works. This shop is based in Singapore and is happy to work with small businesses worldwide.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Colour Inspirations

Some colour inspirations from Designers Guild Vintage Flowers. Do check out their website! There are lots more beautiful photography of exquisitely styled rooms with founder Tricia Guild's signature style of combining the most bold contrasting colour fabrics with neutral walls and simple vintage and modern furniture.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Little Doodles

Beautiful drawings of birds by illustrator Kate of Little Doodles.

The Macbeth Collection

Irressitable patterns from The Macbeth Collection. Do check out more of their yummy designs from the Spring/Summer 07 collection on their website!

India Rose

Gorgeous vintage print cotton curtain by India Rose. Perfect dash of colour and quirkiness for a white bathroom.

Wedding Photographers Series - The Pond

I will end my favourite wedding photographers series for now by bringing you the work of Tan Ngiap Heng. Heng started taking photographs as a tourist. Calling himself "a people photographer", he loves shooting people's faces and their bodies. I love the raw textured quality of his simple black and white pictures and the fact that he manages to capture the mood of the wedding day though people. Trained as a dancer himself, Heng is currently the resident photographer of the Singapore Dance Theatre.

Below: Heng's work for the Singapore Dance Theatre. Do check out more of his current work on his website, flickr page and photoblog.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Upbeat Blues

More upbeat blues this time from House & Garden (July 07). This Florida beach house, designed by New York-based design gurus William Diamond and Anthony Baratta, takes it que from the water that surrounds it and the climate. The bold blues hues, with dashes of yellow, red and green, really beef up the naturally lit spaces. I also love the simple pairing of white with turqoise in some of the rooms to gives it a crisp and clean feel.


Love these pink vinyl dollies and tablecloth from 2jane.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Delia Shades

Stunning roller window shades with printed images from Delia shades. Their mesh fabric filters sunlight while permitting people inside to see out.

Monday, June 25, 2007


Innovative products from Japanese graphic design company D-BROS.

Above: Jewelgraphy gift tags. Looks like the real thing !!

Above: Hotel Butterfly bookmarks. These bookmarks are part of a series of stationary products that take the form of hotel amenities from an imaginary highland resort called HOTEL BUTTERFLY. MUST check out the rest of their butterfly series!

Above: Fog circus. This lace paper decoration can be used as either a beautiful centre table decoration or window accessory.

Above: A Path to the future- Sticking/packing tape

Above: Hope Forever Blossoming flower vase made from vinyl (plastic).


Check out these quirky products from Forestprints Design. Launched in 2004 by Singaporean designer Lynda Lye, many of these designs are unique and available in limited numbers. Lynda draws her inspiration for her creations from her wonderful childhood fantasies of bizarre fairytale adventure stories set in magical forests, filled with talking monsters, animals and trees.

Do also check out CRAFThings, an online handcrafted and commercial craft supplies shoppe founded by Lynda to help support the craftsmen and small businesses of the South East Asia region.

Stumpie Seat/Floor Cushion. Wonderful home accessory to spice up your living space!
LOF Snotty Bird. Not giving a care about the daily happenings in this little odd forest, the Snotty Bird just goes about minding its own business.
Forest Seedlings tote. Love the puffy skirt-like bottom
Little Mogu pouch. pss...the space inside goes all the way down to its stem!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Blue inspirations

Blue has always been one of my favourite colours as it reminds me of being on holiday. A cool and calming color, I find it great for decorating bedrooms and bathrooms. I love the clean and simple combination of royal blue and white, commonly seen in classic blue/white china wares. The warm and sunny combination of blue and yellow also never fails to put a smile on my face. Here are some wonderful design inspirations for using blue in your home from House Beautiful.

Friday, June 22, 2007


ebon-aide's are first aid strips for all different skin tones,which come in three different sizes and five shades: licorice, mocha, coffee, cinnamon and honey.

via the cool hunter


Beautiful hardwood furniture made of wood by German brand Zeitraum. While other furniture companies are going after the lastest design trends, this company is just proud to produce quality furniture which are so simple, pure and intrinsicly beautiful that you can see why don't have to.