Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I will be taking a break from blogging to celebrate the Christmas holidays with family and friends at home. Will be returning on Monday, Jan 7th to resume my regular posts and introduce a few facelifts on laissezfaire! So do check back!

Meanwhile, here are a few cool blogs for everyone to check out:

1. About Some Things
2. Scout Holiday
3. Random Inspiration
4. Love Made Visible
5. Indie-guest
6. House of Bliss

Here's wishing everyone a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!

Stay inspired!

Su Ling

ps: The pretty gift wraps you see in the image above can be downloaded for print here.

pps:I will still be contactable at my email ( so do drop me a mail to say 'Hi' if you like! =)

Andrew Maynard's Tattoo House

The home you see here is designed by Andrew Maynard Architects in Australia. The form is a simple box and the architect has ingenious employed low cost UV stable wall decals to fulfil the council's requirement for 75% opacity to second storey spaces (in order to minimise "overlooking"). The screening also reflects heat and glare away from the expansive glass windows and eliminates the need for curtains and expensive screening.
above: It is interesting how the (narrow, corridor-looking) space ends at the window here.
(above) I really like the way the kitchen bench becomes part of the stair to maximise the use of space underneath.

via Moco Loco.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Earring Addict

I would like to welcome on board, Earring Addict, a new sponsor taking up a brand spanking new spot on Laissezfaire! You can find the link to their blog on the left column of Laissezfaire, under sponsors. Earring Addict features many intricate jewellery designs handmade using top quality beads and swarovski crystals. Some of my favourites include this, this and this.

Do email Dawne at EARRINGADDICT@GMAIL.COM if you like any of the designs you find on her site. Paypal is accepted for international orders. Her creations run out fast so hurry!

Thomas Paul

I really think these side plates with graphic silhouette prints are extremely gorgeous. Made from high quality, durable melamine, the pattern is an exclusive Thomas Paul design that adds a modern gothic spin to traditional motifs used in fine china and . Available here.
The "Folk Tray" designs (above), the latest in Thomas Paul line of products featuring Russian nesting dolls (matryoshka), are also very nice.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Taverne Agency

I can't stop gasping at the images I found on this website! I really wish I could post every single image here!! Founded in 1996, Taverne Agency agents for photographers and sell features in the fields of interiors, food, entertainment and travel. A wonderful place to go to if you are looking for eye candy design inspiration for your home. (via House of Bliss)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Kylie Stillman

I found out about the work of Melbourne-based artist, Kylie Stillman, through a new lovely blog called mein-inspiration today.

Kylie Stillman’s sculptural art pieces form an interplay between presence and absence. She carefully carves through the pages of books with a scalpel to create hollowed spaces that give form to intriging renderings of birds and plant species. Simply breathtaking and enchanting!
above: Paper carving, 200 sheets of cartridge paper each 76 x 52 cm

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Paristic Wall Decals in Singapore

After an earlier post on wall decals by Paristic, I received a few email enquiries about whether these gorgeous stickers are available in Singapore. I did a check and unfortunately, no. I was really tempted to get a few designs directly from their online website but was not very excited about having to pay VAT and shipping charges (about 18 Euros or SGD $38 for orders less than 1kg).

If there is sufficient demand, I am thinking of distributing Paristic wall decals through laissezfaire to help save on overseas shipping charges and taxes. If you are residing in Singapore and are interested in getting any of their designs, do drop me an email at

Please help spread the word if you know of anyone who may be interested. Thanks!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

City Farm Rings

I really think these City Farm Rings by Soop are so adorable! You can mix and match to create your own little farm of chickens, goats and pigs on your fingers.

Soop is a British design studio based in London. They design products for the home and commercial environment. Do check out the cool products on their website. You can purchase the rings from their Etsy Shop.

Tokujin Yoshioka's straw installation at Design Miami

This is what I would call absolute beauty, simplicity and madness! It is Tokujin Yoshioka’s recent installation for Design Miami and is made from two million plastic drinking straws!

Yoshioka is Design Miami’s 2007 Designer of the Year. Born and based in Japan, Tokujin is well known for distinguishing himself in the design field by transforming everyday materials — glass, plastics, fabrics, paper, even tissues (such as his Honey "Pop" chair) — into magical objects and spaces.

For more images from this breathtaking installation, click here.

Throne decals

These cool decals are designed specially to be applied on your porcelain thrones and are sure to add a touch of humour to your loos. Stickers start at $10 from Vital's Etsy Store.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Secret Shop

I came across an interesting website today that has the coolest stuff you can image in their Salakauppa /secret shop'. It took me quite a while to naviage through their site which is organised like a Windows folder but it was well worth it! Here are some interesting products I found...
above: Hoodbag. This is probably my favourite.
above: Winter Sleep. This blasket hosts 12 animal shape cushions.

above: Sleeping Furniture

above: rocking bear made from solid birch.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thank you all for your comments!

Thank you all sooo much for your encouraging comments in my last post. Muaks! I really appreciate the time you all gave to give such constructive comments! It is really helpful and I hope to feed some of your thoughts and ideas into the next series of patterns I am working on.

Meanwhile, just thought I would have a little bit of fun photoshopping some of the patterns into possible applications. While I initially felt that these patterns will be suitable for stationary and home accessories, I actually think they might make a cute apron or tote.

above: It's a cushion cover! I am imagining that the circles to be in velvet with some extrusion from the white flower motifs to give the surface a little more dimension here. (original image from here *runner up of the domino decorative contest*)

above: It's a wallpaper! (original image from here)

afternote: the flower motifs for the wallpaper could be a little bit smaller and textured.
above: It's an apron! Cotton canvas, maybe? (image from here) above: It's a tote! I am imagining the pattern to be on silk or cotton sateen. (original image from here)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Surface Design Crit

ok, here goes...{ I have to admit that it took a bit of courage to decide to put this up at laissezfaire. =) }

I have recently been dabbling in surface design during whatever free time I have. Since this is something completely new to me, I am hoping to involve more people in this process and get feedback on my designs. The first set of patterns I am working on are inspired by oriental flowers...Which colour combination do you like? Do you see the designs going on a pencil case, pillow case, gift wrap, skirt or wall?

If your have any other thoughts, new ideas, suggestions, inspirations etc, do leave a comment! Whether you are an expert in this field or layman, I would love to hear what you think! I do hope to post more work regularly to invite feedback. Thanks!!

#1: Oriental Bud (blue)
#2 : Oriental bud (lime green)

#3 : Oriental bud (pink)

Monday, December 3, 2007

New Blog Watch - Jackie Blue Home

Do check out the "New Blog Watch" this week!------------------>

Jackie Von Tobel calls herself an accidental author, seasoned interior designer and practical educator. She is dedicated to providing inspiration, information and education to design professionals and home decor enthusiasts through her books, seminars, and personal mentoring. She created her blog to journal her progress in writing a series of books The Design Directory and to share some of her super top secret trade tips and sources.
I really like Jackie's elegant and classic style of decorating. She has a successful business, Plush Home, which she built from the ground up. With over 20 years of experience behind her, she has developed a keen sense of what it takes to succeed in the design trade.
I am hoping to get hold of her new book, "From Design to Delivery" as soon as it becomes available on her website. Thank you for sharing your experience and for being such an inspiration, Jackie!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Botanical bathroom

I love this bathroom with decoupaged prints of botanics seen at acupofjo's blog.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Random Greetings Generator

Random Greetings Generator by House Of Burvo. via Today and Tomorrow and FFFFOUND!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


It has been a while since I posted on paper stationary. I am now officially back to my paper addict ways. Here are some gorgeous address files to share from Lovelymailorder.

Lovely card pack gathered from found paper.
Beautifully packaged paper sampler.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mountain coat racks

These mountain coat racks by Brave Space Design are inspired by excess material from their cut sheets. You can even connect them to extend your mountain range! via Spray Glue.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Fill in the cat

These characters carved out of the large, solid white blocks really make them stand out. Simple and interesting.

Friday, November 23, 2007


These inspiring pictures are from a Dutch design studio ijm, founded by stylist Frank Visser. Frank draws his inspiration from the world around him. Movies, photographs, furniture and even simple flea market finds all come together to form mood boards from which his stories emerge. These pics do make housekeeping look glamorous, don't they? I have never seen green glass and pastel walls and floors look so yummy! (Via The Style files)

Fifteen fabulous craft ideas

Summer of the "oh-so helpful holiday gift guide" blog called Design is mine has put together Fifteen fabulous craft ideas from around the internet for Christmas. I think it is such a wonderful idea to make, rather than buy, gifts. Do check out her post!