Friday, December 7, 2007

Secret Shop

I came across an interesting website today that has the coolest stuff you can image in their Salakauppa /secret shop'. It took me quite a while to naviage through their site which is organised like a Windows folder but it was well worth it! Here are some interesting products I found...
above: Hoodbag. This is probably my favourite.
above: Winter Sleep. This blasket hosts 12 animal shape cushions.

above: Sleeping Furniture

above: rocking bear made from solid birch.


Samantha said...

ha so great. Design with a sense of humor. Lovely to look at and smile with.

Rael said...

Great finds as usual! Also waiting for the time that you post more and more of your own ideas! Viva la revolucion! Laissez-faire! :-)
Carnival glass and Decorating ideas

laissezfaire said...

Thanks Rael! Am working on it! =)