Friday, August 29, 2008

Ideas to reorganise your workspace

I am in the process of reorganising my work area at home and decided to do a bit of research online for some good ideas on how to organise one's workspace. Here are some fun ideas I found from Martha Stewart crafts.(above) This ribbon organiser is an ingenius ingenius way to keep those ribbons from entangling each other!

(above) An great idea to organise my spools of thread and other sewing nik-naks.
(above) Transform tin cans into stationary holders with your favourite vacation ephemera, such as maps, menus and posters or decorative paper.
(above) These drawers with painted blackboard labels is a good way to get organised, again and again.
This simple but beautiful idea will allow one to create an inspiration or notice board using decorative paper and a few clipboards. Simply cut the paper to the clipboard size, glue onto the board using decoupage glue and viola! My favourite idea of the day.


Absolutely Unique said...

I love all these cool ideas! I wish my kids' room would be as organised as the one on photo #4! Love your blog. I'm glad I stopped by!

Lisa Golightly said...

love the clipboard idea! that could be a fun way to display kids artwork.