Saturday, August 30, 2008

New laissezfaire sponsor - Green Tea Design

Laissezfaire is proud to welcome on board a new sponsor - Green Tea Design. You can find the link to their site at the left column of this blog.

Green Tea Design is a wonderful online source if you are looking for contemporary and antique Asian furniture. It also offers custom services to meet the particular taste and needs of your home.

With its clean lines and simple forms, Oriental design has a style that can be easily adapted to suit modern lifestyles. While its intricate carvings and traditional motif bring elegance to any interior, oriental furniture is incredibly versatile and often can be combined effortlessly with other design styles to reflect the diverse taste and experiences of its owners.

Here are some pictures and ideas that will hopefully inspire you towards incorporating some Oriental pieces you can find from Green Tea Design into your home.
(above) The brightly coloured bowls act as a perfect washbasins while a clawfoot bath fits perfectly into the oriental theme of this bathroom. I simply love the green coloured walls and deep turquoise curtains here.(above) I love the strong visual effect created by the bright red tiles and clean lines in this washroom.
(above) The toilets are cleverly concealed within these custom-built antique style chests.
(above) A traditional Chinese dining table with long benches forms a great discussion table in an office here.
(above) Mix and match a modern Ikea bookshelf with Oriental elements, such as an antique Chinese medicine cabinet here.(above) These brightly coloured kitchen towels and tin plates with traditional kitchy oriental motifs really give this kitchen a lift.

(above) A typical 1920 old Shanghai bedroom deco. Love the deep brown typical of aged antique oriental furniture.

(above) Love the old industrial feel of this room with the bare bulbs and antique rosewood treasure chests

(above) Classical Chinese furniture is paired with vibrant saturated cushions on the day bed. The floral elements adorning the arched doorway also gives this room a nice touch.


Celia said...

Love the plates racks. I think I need 10! of them for my collection plates! lol... Thanks for the idea! I never thought of that!

laissezfaire said...

And they are very affordable too!

R. Schwendeman said...

We export Classical Chinese furniture and I can tell you that this look is popular right now with the local bars and some of the more stylish dinning establishments. The only issue is regarding the first photo with the porcelain sink base, over time the water drips will eventually damage the antique cabinet below. You really need some sort of base or clear coat of polymer to protect the wood. The antique rosewood chests seem to be an easy item in the home (perfect for storage) and as for the Chinese dining table, we have an almost identical one in our office which gets used for lunch daily.

Anonymous said...

Love the sinks!