Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Anna Aden

I found out about Anna Aden photography through Maquette today and fell in love instantly with the gorgeous soft hues of her images. My absolute favourites has got to be these images from her lily of the valley series. They are like straight out from the pages of a fairytale.


spiral style said...

Dreamy is the description that comes to mind.

Book Sake said...

These photos are just gorgeous. You are right - straight out of a fairytale.

carissa said...

Wow the colours amaze me *__*
They really touch up the pictures

Anna Caroline {Design Studio 210} said...

Hey there!

I am new to your blog. I am really liking what I'm seeing. I'll for sure pop by again :)

Stunning photos.

Greetings from Sweden.
/Anna Caroline
Design Studio 210

laissezfaire said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone! x