Thursday, September 6, 2007


Some cool products I came across today at Droog shop. Based in Amsterdam, Droog is an innovative company that collaborates with a variety of designers, enlightened clients and manufacturers to create innovative concepts that change and rethink the products we use everyday.
(above) Clothes hanger lamp. By hanging the garment of your choice on the hanger you create a personalized lamp. A great way to use your favourite fashion finds to "accessorise" your home.

(above)Strap antracite. Books, magazines, toys and other objects can be stored behind these colourful rubber belts made from an ordinary bike strap.

(above) Hang on easy. Transform a bare light bulb into a translucent soft light in an instant! (above) Do Frame Tape. Use this tape to give an artistic finish to anything you like. A photograph, a prized trophy, a vase of flowers, a wall grafitti...anything!

(above) Mat walk bathroom mat. These slippers built into the mat allows you to walk comfortably and without slipping on dirty or wet floors. Doubles up as a floor mop!

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