Friday, May 1, 2009

Aktipis Flower shop in Greece

I am drawn by the details of this flower shop designed by Athens studio Point Supreme Architects in Patras, Greece. Particularly the ornate iron grill entrance and display tables clad in white tiles which occupy the centre of the shop.

The tables are all different in proportions and sizes to relate to specific kinds and sizes of plants. You can rearrnge the modular tables in various ways to change the layout of the display. A simple and beautiful solution to a limited budget. And I simply love the plans, sections, elevation and even a model they did of this space. Magical!

I love that this shop appears to blur the boundary between what is inside and outside by including details such as a garden chair inside and sound of birds from speakers (nice!). It is like a box containing all that is beautiful about being outside. A part of the fa├žade is also set back to offer a display space outside the shop. (via)


Unknown said...

what a beautiful shop, especially the lovely decorative frt xx

Anonymous said...

totally gorgeous and inspiring!!!!

French Furniture said...

Fabulous shop!!

Philippine flower shops said...

Well, this flower shop in Greece looks so great! Wish I can also there someday. I wanna see it personally. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Keep it up!