Friday, March 6, 2009

The real crisis? We stopped being wise

Something inspirational I heard recently and would like to share with everyone. I totally agree with Barry Schwartz that while some rules are important, we could do with less in many instances as they often fail us and ensures mediocrity.

"A wise person is MADE not BORN. Wisdom depends on need permission to be allowed to improvise, to try new things, occasionally to fail and to learn from your failures..."

" Rules...spare you from thinking....Moral skill is chipped away by an over reliance on rules that deprives us of the opportunity to improvise and learn..."


Jamie Tan said...

Watched this during lunch. Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed it. Truly inspirational

Alan said...

Hello Laissezfaire:

Great Blog! I like yourself totally agree with Mr. Schwarts, common sense is in such short supply these days. The rules and regulations set by society do often times blind us to what is truly right in any given situation. Sometimes it takes courage to do the right thing not doing the right thing has cost some people their lives or caused injury of death to someone else.

Often times people don't even take the time to think they simply look at the rule book and rattle off whatever is printed there in black and white life is not a black and white issue. As I have become grey on the top of my head I've realized that the grey areas in life are more important to address that ever.

Thank you for sharing Barry's wisdom with me.

Yours Sincerely
Alan Rutherford

Nana said...

Your blog is fantastic. I can spend hours reading the things you share. this video is great. It made me think and understand things better.

Black Matt said...

I like the speech and applaude it. But, I have given a lot of thought, and not since viewing this vid, about the nature of wisdom. I cannot agree with what was said that wisdom is made. Wisdom doesn't = intellegence so any old person having experienced much, is wise?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing !

Gi said...