Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sharing the journey

I am feeling so much more refreshed now after a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. The past week has been a big process of adjustment for our family since we returned from the hospital...

Juggling the different needs of a newborn and 2 year old has definitely been challenging, especially with very little sleep, nursing round the clock while while fighting a cold virus, and maintaining an online shop with a backlog of orders and enquiries received while I was away. Hopefully things will settle down to a more predictable schedule soon. For now at least, I feel much better after a nap and the house is all quiet as the babies are now sleeping.

I really missed surfing the web and blogging over the past 2 weeks. Thank you all for checking in and for your well wishes. It really warms my heart to know there are so many friends round the world that I got to know through this blog that are able to share my joy at a time like this. There are a few special people I need to thank at this point and whose work I have been wanting to share on this blog for the longest time.

First of all, Ron of Eyedeas Photography, a very talented wedding photographer whom I got to know through laissezfaire. I was very touched when Ron offered to take my pregnancy pictures when he first heard I was expecting back in March. We feel really blessed to have Ron document this very special moment in our lives for us. He has not only blessed us with his friendship, but also he very special talent in photography. Thank you so much again, Ron!
(above) My pregnancy pictures taken by Ron at week 34.

Ron also does overseas wedding shoots so do contact him if you like his work to check on his availability. He does get booked up quite fast so you have to reserve his time early! You can also check on more of Ron's current work on his blog and website.

And just before I left for the hospital last week, Dorothy, designer and founder of the Dotted Line sent me a beautiful package of her latest creations from her new design label specializing in nursing wear, Dote Studio. Thank you again, Dorothy!

Dorothy, whom I also got to know through laissezfaire, recently gave birth to a beautiful baby, Ellis. Before entering the fabulous world of fashion, she spent her days in a small cubicle at a large international financial institution. She decided to follow her passion a few years back when she took up a course in fashion design and started the Dotted Line. With her new journey into motherhood early this year, she wasted no time in getting started with her second business venture, Dote Studio when she got fed up with the lack of stylish nursing wear available in Singapore.

Dorothy had contacted me some time back to help design her new label. While I was occupied with several projects at that time, I am really glad I took on this project as I wanted to be a part of it since I was once a nursing mom myself who was frustrated with the wardrobe options currently available. The process of designing the label for Dote Studio was very enjoyable as Dorothy would be what I call an "enlightened client". She knew what she wanted...something simple, feminine and elegant, but did not limit me in terms of the design process.

I can't wait to try on the clothes that Dorothy sent me below once that postpatum tummy becomes less visible.

above: Mist puff sleeve dress (S$109, US$75 approx)above: Slate Top. (S$69 or US$48 approx.)

I probably won't look as good as the model above but at least I will feel good! No more frumpy nursing clothes....yay! Dote Studio ships internationally at S$15 (or US$11 approx) per item. For more info, do visit their website.

Dote Studio will also be collaborating with Maternity Exchange, Singapore, to offer more nursing options in the coming months. I am also glad to be involved in designing a simple clothing label for this -Dote for MX.

Besides designing 2 fashion labels, Dorothy also writes regularly on her blog Drastic Measures which covers fashion, crafting, design and daily life. Another 2 thumbs up for this multi-tasking mom who has ditched the corporate rat race to follow her passion!


Caroline @ Absolutely Unique said...

Congratulations! So good you're back! When my little boys were born (7 and 8 years ago) I remember being so exhausted and busy that I couldn't even think of typing a single word!

Luphia said...

what an adorable baby! :)

ShutterBug said...

hehehe... no prob Su Ling :) Very happy to be able to bless!

Do take care and don't overwork ahh !

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Wow, congratulations! I was just thinking about you so I popped by... I LOVED this post! What a beautiful baby and beautiful momma! Be good to yourself during this time, it is such an exhausting and emotional time. And for a mom in business, wow, I know how tough it is!

Blessings to you and your sweet family!


Jackie Von Tobel said...

The baby is beautiful and your pictures are great. Enjoy every minute.

Lilooland said...

Congratulations for this lovely baby!

Residential Interior Design Scotland said...

Congratualations on this beautiful baby!
The pictures are beautiful! What an amazingly stunning pregnancy stomach you had! It looks perfect! No wonder your baby looks so beautiful! Congratulations once again!!!
It might be a challenge juggling the needs of a newborn and a two year old but its a magical one! I promise!
Im sorry you have a cold, i hope you feel better very soon!


laissezfaire said...

Thanks so much everyone for your kind words. Really appreciate it! xoox

karen said...

ooo baby is beautiful !!!
i stumbled upon your blog thru Sparklethots and i love your posts !!! Congrats on the darling baby !

I also love Dote's nursing wear - so tempted to buy it, even though i have tonnes of MEV nursing wear already :)