Friday, April 4, 2008

Santa Maria Novella

Can I just say how much I love the products from Santa Maria Novella? I am so drawn to their scented oils and pot-pourri made from the flowers cultivated on the Florentine hills . Someone gave me the pot-pourri as a gift from Italy a few years ago and at that time, I had not even heard about the cult-status Santa Maria Novella had. I just knew that this was the scent I would love to fill my bedroom with and hunted furiously for the shop when I went to Florence for my honeymoon. The pharmacy is definitely worth visiting if you do go to Florence. The packaging is so old-pharmarcy-like too. I just adore it!

For more info about the shop and see pics, click here. To buy Santa Maria Novella from the US, click here.


Anonymous said...

Hi I' m giò from Florence and I adore S. Maria Novella Officine products.
They are fantastic !
Bye from Italy, Tuscany, Florence.
Ciao, giò

laissezfaire said...

Hi Anonymous, you are a lucky one! Tuscany is one of my favourite places in the world!!!