Monday, March 10, 2008

Make an entrance

A welcoming hallway sets the tone for the whole house. Here are some inspiring decorating tips for entrance hallways I found from House to Home. Trying to save cost and not wallpaper the whole place? Try strategically selecting a few key areas in your home to add some drama. Here, the bold red really adds some visual excitement to an otherwise died serious stairway.Wallpaper by Brian Yates, chair (I would love to have) by SCP .
The gorgeous floral wallpaper by Designers Guild will make me feel like I am living in a magical dollhouse in the Lake District. Tip: Stick to 1 collection in your home (in this instance, the floral collection) and you can be sure that the rooms will complement each other.

I just love the look of this graphic hallway. The simple Ikea mirrors really enlarges and brightens up the space. Wallpaper by Jane Churchill, cool coat stand by Skandium

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Ana said...

beautiful ideas. i, too, love that coat stand and the clean look of that entryway.