Friday, November 9, 2007

RELISTED! HURRY! Concentric Circles - 2008 Calendar

Wow!! I love these beautiful limited edition calendar by one of my favourite blogger Debi van Zyl. The circles are hand cut and hand assembled. Each calendar is slightly different. I liiike! Really think it is so wonderful that Debi has turned her current (still?) obssesion with concentric circles into something so beautiful and functional!

These calenders were initially sold out but have just been relisted ... it's still limited edition with a total of 50 in all. Debi will be taking pre-orders and will ship no later than December 20th. And for those in the Los Angeles area, Debi will also be selling more of these at the Holiday Gift Bazaar in Santa Monica, CA on November 17.


soph n terr said...

wow! that's classy :) plus it's almost the new year!!

debi van zyl said...

thanks for the post! glad you like the calendar :-)

nina said...

What a lovely calendar! I'm not such a calendar-person, but this one is really nice!