Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Search for "Top 10 NEW Design Blogs to Watch"now officially.......CLOSED

The call for nominations for the Top 10 NEW Design Blogs to Watch is now officially.......CLOSED! Thanks again to all who nominated your favourite new blogs that have been around for less than a year! I cannot tell you how super excited I am to uncover so many new blogs I never knew existed and to share them with everyone!!

I will be doing a final count of the votes and unveiling the results together with The Home Rejuvenation's poll soon! Meanwhile, I will return to my regular posts at Laissezfaire.

Stay tuned, stay inspired!


janine de waal said...

so when are where do we get hold of the results?

laissezfaire said...

Hi Janine, I intend to post the results some time next week and conduct a series of interviews with the Top 10 if possible.

Valentina said...

i can't wait longer!!

janine de waal said...

cool - sounds great! and am looking very much forward to the interviews and results!