Monday, October 8, 2007


I love the work by artist Anne of Annechovie, especially this painting above. It is a drawing of a beautiful conservatory room in a Georgian estate created by interior designer Richard Keith Langham. I just love the floral and pink upholstery set against the romantic black and white tented ceiling and black and white tile floor. What a wonderful place to have tea with a bunch of girlfriends!

There are more beautiful drawings at Anne's etsy store. Do check it out!


Kelly said...

these are beautiful! i love a good designer-y sketch.

/// said...

I LOOOVE Anne's chair prints. Fantastic!

Love LOVE your blog; you don't mind if I add you to my blogroll, right?


laissezfaire said...

Thanks Design for Mankind. You have a beautiful blog too! Many inspiring posts. I will be tuning in to yours!

The Paris Apartment said...

omg she is amazing!!!!

Brilliant Asylum said...

She is so talented! This is a fantastic rendering.