Thursday, September 27, 2007

Big Huge Labs

Sol left a comment on one of my recent posts on colour palettes telling me about this cool website she found called BigHugeLabs. This amazing site allows you to load picture you like and a palette of colours will be generated based on the colours of your photo!

There are lots of similar programs that allow you to do this but I like this one cos it is simple and easy to use. Perfect if you need help with selecting colours for your designs or home decor. I tested it out by with this magazine cover I liked and extracted these lovely colours. It's fun! Try it!
Thanks Sol!


blushing apples said...

I’m a fan of that site too; I don’t have Photoshop! That color palette looks like metropolitan ice cream :D

laissezfaire said...

really? I have not tried that flavour of ice cream but I am quite sure I will like it! =)