Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Print your fabric

Want to learn how to print your designs on fabric to personalise your home decor accessories, T shirt, bags etc? Well, this course is for you!
I have been interested in learning more about textiles and printing for the longest time. Was really excited when Imeda told me about this course at NAFA called "Print your fabric". They are starting a new class on Sept 18. The class runs once a week on Tues from 7-9pm. For some reason, this course has already been postponed a few times due to lack of interest. I think it is because people don't know about it.

There are currently 5 people (including me) who have signed up for this course. They need 12 people. So if you know of anyone who might be interested, could you please let them know? Thanks!
Click here for the course outline.

(images above from joom and Patapri)



Yay! Glad to hear you joined. I'm counting the days now. :)

Jennifer said...

Wow! That looks fabulous! I'd sign up if I lived in Singapore. You'll have to show us all your creations once you've finished the class! Good Luck!

laissezfaire said...

Sure! I am looking forward and hope that the class will happen if enough people sign up!!