Friday, August 10, 2007

Adding colour to kitchen

A reader emailed me to ask for some help in adding colour to her kitchen which is being renovated. Her kitchen cabinets will be in glossy white (top) and oak (bottom). She also has a round kitchen table which will be laminated white with oak legs. She is thinking of buying a FLY lamp by Kartell and Magis Air chair to inject some colour into this room. Problem is, she cannot decide what colour to choose. Doesn't this sound familiar to all of us?

First of all, good choice on the lamp and chairs! I completely understand your dilemma with the colour selection. There is just too many beautiful colours to choose from! Good thing is that your kitchen has a neutral base, so I don't think you can go wrong with any colour choice you make.

Personally for me, I like my kitchen to be fresh and bright! I think of fresh green lettuce, ripe lemons, the sky and lots of natural sunlight when I imagine my dream kitchen. Think the colour scheme below pretty much describes it.

So, as a matter of personal preference, my colour palette for a kitchen would gravitate towards the green, blue and yellow spectrum. If I had to choose, I would go for the bolder petrol blue Fly lamp to make it a strong feature in the kitchen, and pair it with the light yellow Magis Air Chair. I will then echo and match these colours throughout the kitchen with lots of fresh greens and fruits. I also like Martha Steward's idea of spray painting metal cannister lids to add spots of colour to your kitchen table. In your case, you can take the colour cue from the colour of the lamp you choose for your kitchen.

Hope this helps! Good luck and do send me a pic of your kitchen when it is done!

(image from House Beautiful)


Sol said...

Su, thanks immensely for your help!! I will send you a pic of the kitchen when it is done, unfortunately I will have to wait until December (running out of patience!) I owe you o_0

laissezfaire said...

So happy that this tip was helpful. Thanks for emailing in and keep in touch!