Saturday, July 7, 2007

Tricks to decorating a small space

I would highly recommend Domino as a useful design resource to go to if you are looking for stylish ideas for your home. Their website is very clearly organised and filled with lots of tastefully decorated interiors and design tips. I simply love these ingenious tricks they give on 'how to decorate a small space'. Here are some of my favourites...

Trick 1: Use backless bookshelves to separate living and sleeping areas without blocking light.

Trick 2: Hide clutter artfully with oversized artwork hung over shelves.
Trick 3: Use white to enlarge your space. Eye-popping hues can also work in a tiny studio as long as the colors and patterns speak to each other and some large white spaces (like this white fireplace above) are left. Trick 4: Use low walls or banquettes to create "rooms" without bisecting the space.
Trick 5: Use even nonfunctioning architectural details. The television tucked into a plastered-over fireplace with a fireplace video like the one above can double as witty conversation piece.

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Jayne said...

All these tips are really great and the pictures are gorgeous! That fireplace is too cute.