Thursday, July 12, 2007

Niche Modern

Check out these stunningly clean and simple lantern-like designs by husband-and-wife team Jeremy Pyles and Mary Welch of Niche Modern! The organic designs take their inspiration from forms and materials that exist in nature. Available in several gorgeous colours ranging from warm ambers to saturated reds and blues, these lighting designs have become one of America's hottest and most sought-after by homes and commercial establishments.
(above) Stamen Modern Pendant Light, inspired by the natural forms of the flower.

(above) Binary Modern Pendant Light, an extension of the Solitaire light with a second bulb to represent the element of balance.

Bella Modern Pendant Light, the sleeker, little sister of the Bell Jar pendant. Ideal for intimate spaces.
Aurora Modern Pendant Light. Aurora is a word for the phenomenon seen in the northern and southern skies when charged particles perform a dance of light as they enter the earth's magnetic field.

Design*Sponge did a podcast with Niche Modern back in 2006. Click here to learn more about the humble and inspiring story behind Niche. You may have to wait a while for the audio to load but it is worth it!

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