Sunday, June 3, 2007

Living Room ideas

Beautiful living room spaces from Livingetc. Some delightful ones extracted below for you and me.

Love the oversized shade and floral cardboard chair The simplicity and beauty of these large windows needs no more dressing up. The pinkish, beige bare plaster walls contribute warmth and a tinge of color to this light filled room.

The black and white photographs goes very well with the old wooden filing cabinets in the background to create the feeling of nolstagia.

Love these comfy-looking second-hand armchairs from Fandango. The skinny red lamp makes a good contrast to the curvy armchairs.

Low-level sofas, like these from Designers Guild, and colourful pouffes, available at Panik Design, create an inviting and comfortable lounging space.

The white on white look of the walls, mirrors, chests goes really well with the ornate furniture. The lovely green sofa also adds colour and visual interest to the neutral scheme.

{all images from Living etc}

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