Saturday, March 17, 2007

Wedding Ideas

I have a couple of good friends and relatives getting married in the upcoming months so I thought I would do a post on weddings. I had lots of fun planning for my own wedding although I must admit that the whole process can be quite stressful and overwhelming, especially since most people do it for the first time. I found it quite helpful to look at images to find out what I like and to get inspired. There are just so much resources out there. When I have the time, I will compile a list of resources and put them on my blog for your easy reference.

For now, some images and ideas from Cox & Cox. For inspiration only.


Inspiration 1: Nothing beats making your guests feel special then to handwrite their names on a placecard to reserve their seat.

Inspiration 2: Everyone is giving candles as wedding favours. Why not be different and give matchsticks in personalised boxes?

Inspiration 3: Use paper (could be printed with your wedding music score, love letter or your favourite poem) to make containers for your wedding confetti

Inspiration 4: Make tea light containers like this from old glass containers you have at home. All you need are some wires to make the handles.

Inspiration 5: Why not give a plant or some seeds to your guest as a wedding favour especially if you are having a garden party and encourage them to grow it?


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