Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wary Meyers

Just take a look at these fantastic interiors by Wary Meyers! Bohemian modern is what I would call their style. What I really like is the uniqueness of each design and their ability to mix and match things and colours you would not even dream of putting together. Most of the interiors they do start off virtually empty with the designers supplying everything from light bulbs to kitchy paintings and objects that look like they have been salvaged from the dumpster or bought with a helfty price at an antiques market.

{images from Wayer Meyer's site}


Sophie said...

This is gorgeous. It all looks so comfortably sophisticated and effortless. The Wary Meyers closet is perfect 30-something girl, and the framed Hermes is brilliant. ...Its all brilliant! Good post!

Anonymous said...

amazing style. whats the color of the wall in the 3rd picture? im down for doing it in my apartment.