Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lindsey Adams Adelman

I really think these glass chandeliers by lindsey adelman are so amazing! Lindsey had been in the lighting design industry for 10 years, but it was when she became pregnant in 2003 that her personal approach and interest with lighting became clear. Before that, she had felt that she was losing touch with the reason why she came into design: the feeling of making things with her own hands and having the freedom to evolve designs. Today, the majority of her work is made in close collaboration with the client's ideas and desires. This process allows Lindsey to constantly explore and show clients the most recent research and sketch models. It also allows her to be constantly challenged and sustain a fresh interest in her work. Lindsey also creates art with hair. Yes, HAIR! (see below)

(via Hoping for Happy Accidents)

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