Thursday, December 11, 2008

Shop in a church

Designed by Merkx+Girod architects, this contemporary bookshop is designed within a former Dominican church. I am sure many of you must have seen this but since I have been buried under a rock for a while, I don't recall seeing these images before.
From a design point of view, I really love how the neat rows of books lined up in a modern black steel structure form a contrast with the ornate interior of this gothic church. The colours of the books also stand out really well against the neutral tone of the stone surfaces.

I am not sure how to respond to the image above. I thought at first it was a reading area...but found out later it is a coffee shop. Beautiful as I think it is, I am not sure if it is quite appropriate to locate a crucifix-shaped coffee table at the location where the altar used to be. I guess in true Dutch fashion, the designers have succeeded in coming up with yet another controversial project... (via)


Tina said...

wow this is no ordinary book shop! it's breath taking! I might get distracted from looking for books & would just stand there still, staring at the beautiful architecture instead! :)

Anonymous said...

this book shop is round the corner from where I live!!!
It's in Maastricht in the south of Holland.
Maastricht is one of the oldest towns in Holland, if you ever get the chance you must come over!! there are some amazing things to be seen here, including th book shop, that MUCH nicer IRL!!!

Anonymous said...

oo and the coffee table... I never noticed it was in the shape of a cross... it's really not that noticable...