Wednesday, December 12, 2007

City Farm Rings

I really think these City Farm Rings by Soop are so adorable! You can mix and match to create your own little farm of chickens, goats and pigs on your fingers.

Soop is a British design studio based in London. They design products for the home and commercial environment. Do check out the cool products on their website. You can purchase the rings from their Etsy Shop.


leesa said...

hmmm, these sure look an awful lot like Zelda Bauchampet's rings... Handscape

laissezfaire said...

That's true! Inspired work I guess. I like that these by soop are more colourful!

Bronwyn said...

Love them! They are super cool and funky!!!

georgia said...

I love these rings. I saw them for real in a gallery shop in Scotland last summer(sorry I forget which gallery), long before seeing Zelda's rings hitting the blogs...but thanks for her link.

Don't you think it's sad that designers have to get their work out there (on the web) these days so not to get accused of plagiarism? It makes me feel sorry for them :(