Friday, August 24, 2007

The return of the cassette tape

While cassette tapes seems to be forgotten by the music industry, two current trends have brought them out for a second play - the 80's nostalgia in the visual world + recycling and sustainability happening just about everywhere.

I just love the hand made wallets by Marcella Foschi below. They were designed especially for the Designboom Mart in Tokyo, November 2006. Marcella dismantles old cassette tapes, removes their innards and then joins the plastic sides back together again with a zip. Brilliant surgical procedure! (via The Designboom Shop)



helenevans5 said...

I have only just discovered your blog, I must say it is so lovely. You have compiled a really cool assortment of designs and items. I love these purses, they are so simple. They are the sort of thin you kick yourself for not thinking of to make yourself. I have loved all your posts, I have been reading through all the previous ones. The hotel in Berlin is amazingly cool. x

laissezfaire said...

Welcome to laissezfaire, helenevans5! Yes, I know what you mean about kicking yourself for not thinking about something like this. I always feel this way myself when I see simple designs that are beautiful, clever and functional at the same time!