Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I've been tagged!

I have been hit by a blog game going on around in blogland. Kind of like a friendly chain letter, I've been "tagged" by Jennifer of Earth Friendly Weddings to list 8 random facts about myself and identify 8 other bloggers to do the same.

1. I grew up in Singapore and left home to pursue my passion for architecture and design when I was 18.

2. When I am inspired, I don't know when to stop. The converse also holds for me.

3. I met my husband when I was in grad school. He is Russian and now teaches in a local university in Singapore.

4. I am currently on maternity leave to take care of my 10 month old baby. I also maintain a blog for her.

5. I am a Christian and co-author a Christian blog with my husband called Yahweh Hagah.

6. My passion for interior design began at childhood when I would be shifting my furniture and reconfiguring my room layout every other day. My idea of a fun outing as a kid was visiting a new fully-furnished showhouse. I also loved opening fridges in departmental stores to see how the internal layout was configured.

7. My personality trait is INTP ( (Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving). This trait, known as the "Architect", is shared by individuals such as Albert Einstein. Woohoo!! I'm not alone! Click on this link if you want to know more about me. It is so accurate I could cry!!

8. I love to get to know people through this blog and am very happy when readers email me or leave comments on my post. So you know what to do! =)

Now it’s my turn to tag 8 other bloggers…Pls let me know if you have recently been tagged before and I will arrow someone else. =)


simplyolive said...

hi su ling,
got your tag--just give me a bit of time to think about who i want to tag. (i'm also packing for a trip and leaving in the morning, but will have internet access...so in a few days you will see my answers.) ;)

Jennifer said...

Privyet! My husband is russian too! Too funny! He tries to teach me russian, but I find it very hard to speak it correctly.

laissezfaire said...

Looking forward to your answers, Simplyolive.

Privyet Jennifer! My Russian is quite scant but I am quite good at picking up conversation through body language. It is amazing how far one can go with nyet and da! hahaha!!

mln said...

Wow, I'm also an INTP, and felt the same way when I found out and read the description: fit me to a "t". I'm also a Christian and enjoyed reading a bit of your other blog.

debi van zyl said...

hi! thanks for the tag... my first! i'll get my list together soon and tag some others. Love that you opened the fridges in the dept. store... cute!

laissezfaire said...

yay! INTP UNITE! Glad you enjoyed reading the other blog, Min.

Looking forward to knowing more about you Debi! Think you have very beautiful pictures on your blog. I am still in love with your yellow tomatoes post. =)