Friday, June 1, 2007

Midnight Ocean

Echoing the material, shapes, textures and indigo blue hues of the ocean, Habitat's new summer 2007 collection is rich, bold and seductive. Sometimes calm, sometimes wild (or both), their catalogue is filled with lots of well-found ideas that can warm your heart and fire your imagination. I'm blown away!

Outdoors/ bistro paradiso. Dress code: frocks and flip-flops only. Children/ the enchanted shed. My childhood fantasies come to life in this image.

Bedroom/ love the contrast between the rough walls and soft linen
Lounge/ magical shimmer curtain panels with pearl sequins Living/to relax and watch the shadows grow. Love the high gloss melamine coffee table on raw plywood { images from Habitat's 2007 Spring-Summer catalgue}

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