Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Domino's Greatest Hits

Compilation of my favourites from Domino's greatest hits over the last 2 years.
Love the mix-matched curtains, pink velvet chair and lilac pouf.

A dreamy Marie Anoinette-inspired salon

Sweet and decadent canopy bed from Anthropologie. Love the wallpaper and matching bed linen.

Gorgeous Butterfly Wallpaper. Think this would work better if the kitchen cabinets were a more striking colour, like turquoise or orange, for instance.

Love the idea of having a black chandelier in a pastel blue kitchen.

Love the unique red and furry look of this Thomas & Vines "Natasha" chandelier. Like raspberries on a vine.

Carolina Herrara Jr.'s bathroom/ dressing room. Enough said.


Rodrigo said...
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JM said...

Does anyone know who makes the black chandelier in the kitchen photo?? Or at least what issue of Domino it was in??