Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sketches of Gehry

Just watched the "Sketches of Gehry" with a few friends today. Although I can't say I am a total Gehry architecture fan, I really love his freehand sketches and enjoyed the glimpse into his design process in the documentary. Gehry's honest confession to close friend and director Sydney Pollack at the start of the documentary that "I'm always scared that I'm not going to know what to do," also made him very real.

Also found the following quote from Gehry in the documenatary very inspiring.

"Everything has been done before in some way or another, only thing that changes is technology. What bugs me is the goddamn rules that my profession has that what fits and what doesn't. There is a certain threatening aspect to taking a leap, but once you try that, once you say "I have a right"-- you can't stop." - Frank Gehry

{image: Gehry's sketch of Nationale-Nederlanden Building (1992 - 1996)Rasin EmbankmentPrague, Czech Republic}


sUdkeOki said...
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sUdkeOki said...

that's a quick one~
it's great to have u watch the film with us. u actually remember the quote! or is the documentary transcribed online?

one of my favorite quotes too.
the documentary did a gd job of showing how real gehry is in admitting his insecurities and imperfections.

gd job pollack~