Saturday, August 4, 2007

White - the colour of the rainbow

I love white, because it contains all the colours of the rainbow and never goes out of fashion. Probably the most used and versatile color in interior design, white can accentuate a space and invoke a sense of romance, luxury and serenity. White-on white is one of my favourite combinations. There are literally hundreds of shades of whites to choose from! I also like the pairing of white with wood and concrete.

Here are some beautiful white interiors from House of Pictures, a Scandinavian company that sells top quality articles on homes and lifestyles to leading magazines and publishing houses worldwide.


Sheila said...

your welcome on my comment - i love your ideas - and thanks for checking in on me. i have 6 - yes i do-they are fun.i will have to show you some pixs of my home - don't think i have 1 white wall in my house - but i do like white - anyway- i'll post some in the near future - i love decorating and trying new colors and things.

laissezfaire said...

That's great! Do email me your pics. Would love to see them!