Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Britain's Got Talent - Paul Potts (Auditions)

While this is not one of the usual design posts on my blog, I decided I had to share this here for inspirational purposes. For those of you who have not heard, this is Paul, a mobile phone salesman from South Wales, England. Paul fights his own lack of confidence to take part in Britain's Got Talent and fulfill his lifelong dream of doing what he feels he was born to do - sing opera. Enjoy!


Bob said...

Absolutely supberb...took my breath away and brought me to tears.God's gift.

sandi said...

I've just discovered him today, so I've really been out of the loop. I listen to this over and over and over again, finally had to shop for the c.d. I cried each time I heard it. Its just breathtakenly beautiful.


laissezfaire said...

Hi Bob, Sandi, glad you both like it. I watched it over and over myself and was really touched by it.